Intermidiate Mid Transom

The Mid Transom is designed to create a transom at the plank level anywhere inside of a bay by straddling the outer Ledger/Transom of a bay. Mid Transoms can also be used to create Opening within the planked bay for Ladder access
or to avoid a permanent obstruction

Material Structural steel
Finish HDG
Product CodeDescriptionEffective LengthWeight
0STRTM031Intermediate Mid Transom1' 3"392.06.22.8
0STRTM032Intermediate Mid Transom1' 6"452.06.73.0
0STRTM024Intermediate Mid Transom2' 5"732.08.94.0
0STRTM033Intermediate Mid Transom3' 6"1065.011.55.2
0STRTM025Intermediate Mid Transom3' 7"1088.011.75.3
0STRTM026Intermediate Mid Transom4' 7"1400.014.16.4
0STRTM027Intermediate Mid Transom5' 2"1572.015.57.0
0STRTM028Intermediate Mid Transom6' 10"2072.019.48.8
0STRTM034Intermediate Mid Transom7'2130.019.89.0
0STRTM029Intermediate Mid Transom8' 5"2572.031.214.2
0STRTM030Intermediate Mid Transom10' 1'3072.027.212.4