12-6-Steel Plank

12.6” wide steel planks are used to provide walkways and work areas on scaffolds.

Material Structural steel
Plank Width 12.6” / 320.0mm
Finish HDG
Product CodeDescriptionEffective LengthWeight
0STRSP102 0.32 M Steel Plank0.732732.017.68.0
0STRSP1030.32 M Steel Plank1.0361036.022.710.3
0STRSP1040.32 M Steel Plank1.0881088.023.510.7
0STRSP1050.32 M Steel Plank1.41400.029.213.3
0STRSP1060.32 M Steel Plank1.5721572.032.114.6
0STRSP1070.32 M Steel Plank2.0722072.040.918.6
0STRSP1080.32 M Steel Plank2.5722572.049.222.4
0STRSP1090.32 M Steel Plank3.0723072.057.426.1