Swivel Couplers are used to clamp two tubes together at obtuse angles. Swivel couplers are used to add bracing to scaffold structures when node points are filled or when building a Tube and Clamp-style scaffold. AAIT/Technocraft Couplers are designed to work with standard system scaffold tube, 1.9” (48.3 mm) O.D. tube.

Material Forged Steel
Finish EP-Clamp & HDG- Bolt & Nut

AS/NZS 1576.2: 2009 (T-BOLT)
Max. Clamp Bolt Tightening Torque: 54 Nm
Hex Nut Size for New Zealand: 21.0mm A/F
Hex Nut Size for Australia: 23.0mm A/F

Product CodeDescriptionWeightPacking
0STCCP023Swivel Coupler2.61.2Basket1000