Standards And Verticals

Standards are the vertical component of ring lock scaffold. Rings or rosettes are spaced every 19.7” (500 mm) on the tube and provide a point of attachment for various components that are used to create a scaffold structure.

Material High Structural steel
Finish HDG
Product CodeDescriptionHeightWeightPacking
0STRVT151Verticals – With Hanging Sq. Spigot1'7"500.08.43.8Rack330
0STRVT152Verticals – With Hanging Sq. Spigot3'3"1000.013.46.1Rack220
0STRVT153Verticals – With Hanging Sq. Spigot4'11"1500.018.58.4Rack110
0STRVT154Verticals – With Hanging Sq. Spigot6'6"2000.023.510.7Rack110
0STRVT155Verticals – With Hanging Sq. Spigot8'2"2500.028.613.0Rack110
0STRVT156Verticals – With Hanging Sq. Spigot9'10"3000.033.715.3Rack110
0STRVT157Verticals – With Hanging Sq. Spigot13'1"4000.043.819.9Rack110